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So we can verify if there is a conflict of interest that prevents us from helping you, in your submittal to us please:
(1) do not include any information that you or someone else considers to be of a confidential or secret nature,
(2) identify yourself and, if applicable, your business by name,
(3) identify all the other people and businesses on the other side of the transaction or dispute by name, and
(4) do not provide a narrative of facts; instead, briefly explain what you would like help with. For example: "a potential lawsuit," "reviewing a contract," "preparing a contract," "forming a business," "buying (or selling) a business (home, land, or a building)," etc.

You agree Neilson, Swanson, Dietrich, Smith, PLLC has no duty to keep confidential any of the information you provide. You also agree neither the transmission nor receipt of your information is considered securing legal services or retaining a lawyer. An attorney-client relationship with Neilson, Swanson, Dietrich, Smith, PLLC, or any lawyer at Neilson, Swanson, Dietrich, Smith, PLLC, is not established until and unless Neilson, Swanson, Dietrich, Smith, PLLC, agrees to such a relationship as reflected in a separate signed writing.

Thanks for submitting!

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