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Banking & Loans Law


With years of experience representing regional and community banks and credit unions, our attorneys provide significant value to lender clients. We prepare loan documents when the standard LaserPro loan documents won't cut it. When a loan goes sideways we take the appropriate action, whether that means negotiating a workout, initiating a nonjudicial lien foreclosure, filing a lawsuit to foreclose a lien and pursue the unpaid balance from the borrowers and guarantors, filing a lawsuit to have a receiver appointed over the borrower's business and/or assets, or filing a claim or an adversary action in bankruptcy.

-Loan Document Review & Preparation

-Promissory Notes

-Deeds of Trust

-Trust Indentures


-Security Agreements


-Control Agreements

-Judicial Foreclosures

-Non-Judicial Foreclosures


-Claims Against Guarantors

-Deficiency Claims

-Bankruptcy Claims

-Adversary Actions in Bankruptcy

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